I Hate This Meme

As the owner of a wilderness survival school who spends time teaching outdoor skills to people from all walks of life, I often get asked what I think of this post. Frequently our classes have seasoned hikers and backpackers who have gotten lost recently….which can be quite the eye opener.

The experience of being lost is enough to motivate them to get better educated. However memes like this meant to poke fun at that person carrying supplies serves to do the exact opposite. Shaming a person who is taking personal responsibility by carrying what they feel is needed for the situation is it self shameful.

I often focus on the day hikers because they are frequently the ones ill prepared to spend the night outside if the need arises. Don’t judge the hiker trying to be responsible by carrying supplies, instead try to educate the hiker who doesn’t see the need to be personally responsible.

– R

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