My TBK (Tiny Big Kit)

I always shake my head when I day hike with people who show up with next to no supplies. Why wouldn’t they want to be ready for an unplanned emergency? If you’ve been to one of my classes you have heard my displeasure with those who hit the trail with their water bottle, chapstick, hair brush, and cell phone. The answers are usually the same…..I’m not getting lost because the trail is marked and besides I have my phone ……..and my personal favorite, I’m not carrying a bunch of extra unnecessary gear.

The news offers plenty of examples of outings turned bad. Many of these outings started out with charged cell phones, well marked trails,and great intentions. Those alone should be reason enough to take your safety seriously but I also wanted to help hikers understand that “prepared” didn’t have to mean a giant backpack. Enter the TBK, the Tiny Big Kit. It was my goal to squeeze as many of the 10 Essentials Of Hiking as I could plus a few comfort items into a compact leg bag. I do though swap this out during winter months to also include extra warm layers. The contents are listed below and assume I’m wearing proper sun protection and usually shove a few snacks in a cargo pocket before leaving home, I am pretty squared away to spend an extra day in the wilderness.

  • Poncho Tarp
  • Emergency Bivvy Bag
  • Cotton Bandana
  • Small Wire Saw & Tool Card
  • Small & Large Multi tool
  • Basic Booboo Kit (I typically carry a tourniquet in my pocket)
  • Wipes & Expandable TP
  • Good Basic Fire Kit
  • Chem Lights & Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Battery Pack & Cables
  • 25′ Of Paracord (Actually Titan Survival Paracord)
  • Primary & Secondary Water Filtering Systems
  • Metal Cup & Drink Mixes
  • Pen & Pad
  • Map & Compass With Whistle
  • Maxpedition Thermite Leg Bag

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