The COVID Silver Lining?

Sitting here today approaching the summer of 2022 with mask mandates finally disappearing at each turn, I’m wondering what this means for the outdoor industry. The cabin fever that came with 2 years of seclusion has seen more and more people venturing into the ”wild”. If you have tried to pick up a slot at a campground in recent months you surely have noticed how hard they are to come by.

More people discovering the joys of nature is a wonderful thing and I hope this infatuation last much longer than the rona panic lasts. Having said that though, if you pay attention to the news at all you will notice that the incidents of lost or injured hikers has climbed as well. If you are new to the great outdoors do yourself a favor and get educated on essentials skills like wilderness first aid, land navigation, and overall wilderness survival. Your local search and rescue team will thank you.

– R

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